One of our two black walnut trees is dead. Can we save the other?

Asked May 6, 2013, 3:22 PM EDT

We have two huge old black walnut trees in our front yard. One has been looking increasingly sick over the past few years and this year it didn't put out any leaves at all. It seemed to get less and less productive all over instead of having individual branches wilt and die. I've heard a dying-branch pattern is typical in thousand-cankers disease so maybe this is something else? Its neighbor is fully leafed out and seems to be healthy. Are there any steps we can take to figure out what killed the one and to protect the other?

Lane County Oregon

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Trees get old and die, due to MANY causes.

For black walnuts in Lane County, thousand oak disease in causing a lot of the older black walnuts to die. In many case there are trees right next to each other where one is doing fine and the other is very weak and dying.

Steps - either send a sample ot OSU for $35-40 for ID or have an arborist take a look.