Recommended Tomato Varieties

Asked May 5, 2013, 5:03 AM EDT

Can you recommend a determinate slicing tomato that is early, red, meaty and flavorful that would do well in West Linn??? It would also be nice if it was blight resistant.

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Because of our region’s generally mild climate, the tomatoes most likely to grow and produce best are those said to be “early,” a word which often appears in the plant’s name. Also look for those developed by Oregon State University, as they do best with our generally cool nights.
Among those that come to mind are ‘Oregon Spring’ and ‘Siletz.’

‘Legend’ is among the few tomatoes said to be resistant to late blight. Some gardeners say flavor is lacking.

That said, suggesting a flavorful tomato for another person is tough. According to a blind tasting of tomatoes held some years ago by a wholesale seed grower, it’s not possible to determine a “best” tomato overall because a person’s preference is strictly in their own taste buds.

Some answers to your questions can be found in Oregon State University’s “Vegetable Variety Trials” of which, the most recent is for 2010.

You may also want to review the earlier trial reports.

“Growing Your Own” is also likely to be useful. Notice that page 7 is a planting guide; you’re in Region 2.

Enjoy our garden!