Trees turning brown

Asked May 4, 2013, 2:16 PM EDT

We have upright juniper trees. They are 10 years old and just started turning brown rapidly. I need to know if it is a fungus—I haven't seen any bugs. I have noticed a lot of these trees in this area are doing the same thing.

Broomfield County Colorado

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This last year was one of the most extreme droughts in recorded history for Colorado. Most of our trees have been experiencing some degree of drought stress. Have you been watering your trees? Is the soil nice and moist deep into the soil? As pine and juniper trees are drought stressed, they also become more susceptible to pests and diseases. Another factor is that we had a series of very cold days in April this year that could have also caused some frost damage. A very early or late cold frost like we recently had can damage or kill juniper trees.

I would check the soil moisture under the trees first. We got some rain and snow recently, but most of our soils are very dry as you get down deeper into the ground due to the high temperatures and lack of rainfall last year. Also, if you can send me a few photos of the trees, then I can have a bit of an idea of how severe the damage is.

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