Chemical clearing of land for pasture

Asked May 3, 2013, 2:53 PM EDT


I am looking to purchase some timber/pasture land in Hardin County. The land was timbered 10-12 years ago. Since it was timbered, it has been left to grow, mostly, shrubs and brush but with a few trees. There is not a suficiant stand of merchantable trees to just let it reginerate natually. At this time, I plan on going back with a pasture with an eye in the future of replanting to timber. Accordingly, I want to kill all that is growing except the grass. What is the best chemical, and most economical, spay to use with arial spraying to clear this land? If the best chemical is one that kills the native grass, I can go back and replant grass.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Quentin Price

Hardin County Texas

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Mr. Price,

Can you please contact me at your earliest convenience at the Hardin County Extension Office, 409-246-5128. I would like to discuss your questions in more specific detail in order to provide you with appropriate information for the best management practice for your land. Thank you and I look forward to your phone call.