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Asked May 2, 2013, 5:33 PM EDT

Ihave some vegetation growing behind my property line that I believe is Sumac I took pictures of it and wanted to email it to someone there to see if they can confirm that this plant is and the best way to kill it off. I have tried cutting it down but then new ones pop up in different areas. When I did cut it down I got a rash and bubbles all over my skin on my arms. I have gone to places and bought sumac, poision ivy and poison oak killer but that did nothing to eliminate it. I have attached pictures of the plants. If I could get some advice from someone there to get rid of these plants I would greatly appreciate it.

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

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Hello and thanks for using the Ask an Expert system.
It is obvious that you are allergic to the poison sumac toxin and should avoid any contact with the plant. Reactions may intensify with repeated exposure. If you must be directly involved in the control, wear a long sleeved shirt and gloves. Make sure there are no gaps between sleeves and gloves.
Poison sumac is difficult to control; one application of herbicide is usually not enough.
I do not know what chemical you are using, but please read and follow the directions carefully.
I have not found specific information on the control of poison sumac, but most sources suggest that control measures used for poison ivy will work for poison sumac. You can find information on the chemical control of poison ivy in a fact sheet available at
For additional information I suggest that you contact the Lehigh County Penn State Extension office. Their contact information is available at