What's Cutting the leaves on my Oak tree

Asked May 2, 2013, 5:00 PM EDT

Something is cutting the leaves off my oak tree at night. Using a flashlight the only thing I can see up in the tree is what appears to be "june bugs" flying around the area that the leaves are being damaged. Occasionally, one comes to the ground. They look like what I always knew as "june bugs". Is the anything I can use to control them? I do have a Private Applicators license if necessary.

Van Zandt County Texas

1 Response

More than likely they are June bugs or Japanese bettles.

Knowing that you have these also tells me that you have grubs - as the june bugs are the adult state of the grub larvae.

Your treatment this year is going to be two fold- treat the adults now - Malation, liquid Sevin, etc. and then treat your yard in June for the grubs to kill them off.

Hope this helps.