Peach tree problem

Asked May 2, 2013, 2:00 PM EDT

I planted a Sam Houston peach tree in the fall. It has been doing great. A lot of the blossoms set in the spring. Unfortunately, all the peaches except one have withered. They are now shriveled and grey. Now the leaves showing signs of yellowing. I don't want to loose it!

Travis County Texas

3 Responses

Would you be able to send photos? It would be helpful to see some photos of the fruit, the leaves, and the entire tree.

Please send photos to:

Photos of tree, peach with leaf, and bark. Leaves on interior are turning yellow, maybe by where fruit grew?

Unfortunately, I do not recognize the problem right away.

Will you please send these photos to My Master Gardeners will have more time to assist you, as I will be unavailable for the next week.

Thank you,