Question on poultry genetics

Asked May 1, 2013, 6:43 PM EDT

Do you know which broiler breeder genetics company (Hubbard, Aviagen, Cobb, or another) is used by Pilgrim's Corporation, Sanderson Farms Inc., and Koch Foods, Inc.? I believe that Tyson relies on its subsidiary Cobb-Vantress and that Perdue relies on its subsidiary Heritage Breeders LLC, but if you have insight into this as well that would be very appreciated.

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Generally speaking, the birds used by an integrator are dependent on a couple of factors. These factors include the size bird they want, as well as the management practices of the particular integrator. That being said, it is hard, if not impossible, to know which genetic stock is being used by a particular company. For example, Company A might have two operations: one that grows small birds and one that grows large birds. In order to do this, they might use males from one genetic stock (i) and females from another (ii) for the small birds. For the large birds, however, they might use the same males (i) but a different group of females (iii) or females from the same genetic stock (i). I hope that makes sense. What I am trying to say is that if they use Cobb, they might cross it with a Hubbard or Aviagen, or they might use a straight Cobb cross. It depends on the situation and, of course, the company.