Is Lemon Creeping Thyme a Good Ground Cover and Mosquito Repellent?

Asked May 1, 2013, 9:40 AM EDT

Is lemon creeping thyme a good ground cover and mosquito repellent? I have a very small yard in the city and I have been researching ground cover options since it is not a very large area. It receives full sun, and is in hardiness zone 7b. I came across Creeping Lemon Thyme in my research, and due to my extreme sensitivity to mosquitoes (I was not able to enjoy my outdoor space at all last year), I found its natural repellent nature to be quite the plus. However, I am now having trouble finding this plant. So my question is twofold: - Is Creeping Thyme (and more specifically Creeping Lemon Thyme) a good option for perennial ground cover within Maryland? If not, do you have an alternative suggestion? - Do you have any suggestions as to where I might be able to purchase Creeping Lemon Thyme? So far I have only found Creeping Elfin Thyme which I do see as an acceptable backup option, but I truly would prefer to reap the benefits of its anti-mosquito nature. And I suppose while I have your ear, do you have any other suggestions for mosquito repellent plants?

Baltimore Maryland

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Lemon creeping thyme is hardy zone 5-9 and should be a fine ground cover in Maryland. To find it for sale, try searching for lemon creeping thyme or creeping thyme lemon. We have a good ground cover fact sheet on our website, that includes some charts with many suggestions:

We do not have a publication on mosquito repellant plants, but there are several lists on the internet. The best way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard is to improve air circulation (they don't like to fly where there is a breeze). They are attracted to damp, still, shady areas. Keep your landscape pruned open with not solid shade.