Bed Bugs in My Apartment

Asked April 30, 2013, 10:38 AM EDT

I have been getting bit by bed bugs for the past three weeks. I just now realized what the problem is. Could someone help with solid answers about getting rid of this nasty critter? I told management of the apartment complex on Thursday of last week, and here it is Wednesday and an exterminator has not yet been by to take care of the infestation. I do live in Allegheny County. Can someone help me?

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

1 Response

I am an Extension educator in Lehigh County, PA. I would advise you to call the Allegheny County Health Department since you reside in that county. Because you live in an apartment complex, there may be some help available that I am unaware of here on the other side of the state. I don’t know the regulations in Allegheny as far as landlord obligation in bed bug infestations. It would be quicker for you to call them directly. They are very helpful and can supply you with information:

Allegheny County Health Department
3333 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213