deer proofing garden

Asked April 29, 2013, 4:53 PM EDT

Is there a plant that can be planted in our garden that will keep deer out> If so what is it? Every year they eat more tomatoes than we do.

Webster County Kentucky

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Deer are becoming more and more of a problem in Kentucky. Unfortunately there are not any plants that I know of that will repel deer, just plants that they don't like to eat as much. When the deer population is high the only viable controls are hunting, a large dog that guards the garden over night or a good electric fence. A three dimentional electric fence works well. Construct a vertical electric fence and then put another wire out 3-4 feet from the first fence. Attach pie pans or aluminum pieces to the wires and bait them with peanut butter in the spring to let the deer know where the fence is. Then don't turn the fence off...because they can tell when the power is off.