Advice for a new Peach Tree Owner

Asked April 29, 2013, 2:46 PM EDT

Hi, the other day our six year old son asked us "where do peaches come from?" My wife and I decided to show our backyard. After a short trip to the local nursery, he is now a proud owner and part-caretaker of a Loring Peach tree. We planted it and followed all of the instructions. Bought a gator bag to make sure it gets enough water. My question is what is the best way to protect the tree and its fruit from pests and other stuff that could prevent us from enjoying its peaches in August. Specifically, what sprays and spray schedule do you recommend? Thank you for your help!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Growing your own peaches will be a good lesson for your son. However, they are not that easy to grow in Maryland. Brown rot is the most significant disease that affects the fruit. You are already past the time for the first cover sprays. Usually though the trees do okay the first year until the fungal spores find the tree then they need to be protected. We have a publication that outlines the spray schedule. It is not available on our website. To get a copy call to speak to a horticulture consultant and they will be happy to mail you a copy. Ask for EB 125 The Home Fruit Production Guide. The number is 800-342-2507. You can also look at the following publication on stone fruits,