Blueberry Maggot Control

Asked April 29, 2013, 7:54 AM EDT

Hi Mustang Max is not rated in the 2013 Spray Guide for blueberry maggot control. I'm looking for the best option for SWD and maggot control with short PHI. Can you tell me efficacy rating for maggot?

Midland County Michigan

1 Response

In the 2013 Michigan Fruit Management Guide, Mustang Max is not recommended for blueberry maggot because it is rated as fair on this pest, and there are many other insecticides that are rated good and excellent. The efficacy rating is on page 233, in the table on "Effectiveness of insecticides and miticides in controlling arthropod pests in blueberries." Mustang Max is rated as excellent for Spotted winged drosophila (SWD) control. Michigan State University recommends alternating the modes of action of insecticides in trying to control SWD. Pests with ability to reproduce rapidly with short generation times and large numbers of offspring can develop resistance to pesticides quickly so Mustang Max as a SWD control should be alternated with none pyrethroid insecticides such as Malathion.