Where is the Equestrian Hemet Crash-Testing video?

Asked April 28, 2013, 6:57 PM EDT

I was excited to find the video you did showing the crash-testing procedures done on riding helmets! I've been forwarding the link: http://extension.org/mediawiki/files/3/37/Helmet_video_astm_seiiPod_Hi.mp4 to everyone I know who are associated with horses. I just recommended it again, and it didn't come up. Could you please rectify this, and also crash-test the popular 'Argentine-Style' Polo Helmet? I'm pretty sure they are not crash-tested and rated. They are not safe! Using them, as the vast majority of Polo Players do, is like getting in a car, hooking your safety belt, getting into a horrific wreck, and having your seat belt fail! For my story and adventures into the world of Traumatic Brain Injury, Google: Lillian Heller Polo San Diego. My accident was Sept. 25, 2005 on the track at the San Diego Club. I was wearing a Lexington Helmet. I spent the following 32 days in a coma. I've been treated both at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla and Encinitas, and completed the nuerological rehab program in the latter. Now I'm a regular at Awakenings Health Institute, a facility that specializes in nuerological rehab. All these years later, I have limited feeling and therefore use of my body, mid-line, vertically to the right. I have, however, become quite proficient with my left!

If you Google: Meg Wade, Endurance Rider, you'll see in the shot of the riders moving away from the camera, the bases of their skulls are exposed! I'm sure that's where I hit a rock. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

San Diego County California

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Thanks for you interest in our helmet safety videos and content. You can find the ASTM SEI helmet testing video on our YouTube channel, at this link: http://youtu.be/7_Rr6OKaqAQ. This video, along with other video clips on helmet safety, are part of an instructional video created by Washington State University, titled "Every Time Every Ride." The producers of the video have allowed us to share selected video clips through our YouTube channel and website to help educate riders and horse enthusiasts. Thank you again, for sharing the links to the videos, and good luck with your continued rehabilitation.

Thanks, Jennifer. I really appreciate it!