Fissure or pocket in lower mandible of goose

Asked April 27, 2013, 2:54 AM EDT

I was given a Toulouse goose and told that every once in a while I'd need to empty this pocket in the bottom of her bill. The lady said she once found a whole walnut. I've had to empty this pocket about once a week. I didn't realize it wasn't normal. It feels like her tongue is pushed down below where it should be. Once I get her tongue out, I push the pocket up and blow dry layer mash out the other side. I think she gets enough water, so I don't understand why it's dry. She seems healthy and happy, and is now sitting on her clutch. Should I be doing this or something else?

Canyon County Idaho

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Do you have a photo of this condition? I do not know exactly what is happening without seeing the condition. It's definitely not normal.

When I emptied the pocket earlier, we took "before" and "after" photos. I noticed it looks like there is a slit on both sides where the orange engorged part attaches to the lower bill.

It must be a cut or slit that has formed in the base of the mouth that is allowing feed to build up in a cavity. I am not sure how to correct this condition. You could ask a vet to see whether he or she can correct the problem with surgery, or you can just continue to empty it. I have seen similar situations in the sides of the beak and face from a cut in the side of the beak where it joins the face. I have never seen this on the bottom. The bird must have split its palate somehow.

Thank you!