grifola frondosa mushrooms(Maitake)

Asked April 26, 2013, 4:08 PM EDT

Hi, My last natural place for sheeps head mushrooms was just wiped out.I have just ordered both maitake plugs and a complete maitake growing kit. I have a 10'x10' crawlspace under my front porch(No Light) and a large shaded space under my deck. I also have numerous places on my property with oak stumps and deadwood.I have experience in vegatable gardening indoors, greenhouse and outdoors, but never with mushrooms. I would like to get as much info on both indoor(supplemental lighting , misters etc.) and outdoor gardening for this type of mushroom. Thanks Much Ken

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Here are a few extension publications to try first to get a background:
PSU Mushroom Production on log substrates:

Growing Mushrooms on Log substrate:

Mushroom Production:

Contact the Chester County master gardener program, their county produces most of the mushrooms in the US should you have further questions.
Phone: (610) 696-3500

Thank you for your question