bite my son got on 4/20/2013

Asked April 24, 2013, 5:39 PM EDT

My son had a bit on his ankle notices during a tub bath at grandparents’ home (their home is not old) He had a t-ball game that morning, and then came home to change into jeans. He then went to the eye doctors, followed by a play date at grandparents with neighbor kids. It was a cold day out 32 degrees that am for the game. The kids stayed in to play at my parents. Later in the evening they went out for ice cream they ate in the car. He never felt the bite. My parents called and said it was a big bite, I thought mosquito bite no big deal. Then they called again and said we better come get him and take him to the doctors. I called my husband, he was closer he went over to my parents. Within a few minutes, he called and said he was going to med express with Antonio (my son).They said it looked like a spider bite and there were now hives near the bite. They gave us antibiotics and allergy meds. They also said to put hot compress on the bite area, there was clear liquid coming out they said that was good. That night it was late and hard to find somewhere to get meds filled, by the time we did he was fast asleep. We figured we would put a hot compress on it and let him sleep. He woke with hives all over the bite got a bulls eye effect. We took him to Children's Hospital know one knew what to do 4 doctors two interns a paramedic and a dermatologist later, they changed the meds to a different antibiotic for Lyme disease and two topical steroids one for face and groin the other for the rest of body. The hives look lighter and have spread to hands and feet or what they called a rash. The bite looks better on outside, but worse deeper on inside. I am not sure they are doing enough. I have never seen anything like this it (not that I am a doctor, but I am a mom of 3 boys two are teenagers and hunters I have been down tick road before) is getting inflamed in areas next to the bite but, I don't think he was bit there because there were no fang marks there. I have a ton of photos of the bite and his body. If anyone knows what kind of bite this is and if this is a normal rash I would appreciate knowing I feel my son may be allergic to this spider.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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There are many things that this could be but this doesn't sound like a spider bite. Pennsylvania is too far north for the range of the brown recluse and although black widows MIGHT be that far north, they should be very rare. None of that really matters because the symptoms are not typical for a bite from either spider. Hives can occur from bites from many different insects. But I would try to convince you away from spider as the cause of the wound. Unfortunately, that doesn't help you figure out what it is.