Vines for a pergola

Asked April 24, 2013, 4:54 PM EDT

We want to cover a pergola with vines. However the columns up which the vines ( kiwi) are to grow are 3 feet from the garden. We live in central Denver. Two questions: 1. Can we grow the vines in large pots next to the column and leave them out over the winter and how do we winterize the pots ? 2. If we take out a couple of pavers and plant the vine next to the column, will we need to worry about the roots of the vine pushing up the pavers around the vine? The pavers are 5 1/2" thick with 2" of sand and 2" of road base under the pavers.

Denver County Colorado

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There is always some inherent risk of roots raising pavers, pavement, concrete, etc. after a number of years. Containers may be a good option in your case. Here is a link to a CSU fact sheet on container material choices: