How can I get rid of SO MUCH English Ivy??

Asked April 23, 2013, 9:24 AM EDT

Hi, I'm a self-employed landscaper, just starting out. A client of mine located in Clarks Summit, PA, has a lovely space on 1/2 an acre. Our huge problem: A previous owner planted english ivy in all the beds years ago and left it untended. It's now out of control. I ripped up what I could last year, until I broke/bent my tools, (and back!). When that didn't work, I sprayed repeatedly with the strongest stuff I'm allowed to buy. It did nothing. Both my client and I are DESPERATE for help!! We want this ivy GONE. It covers at least half the property, has choked out and killed the trees, and is making frantic attempts to get under the siding of the house. PLEASE HELP!!

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania

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Many people have reported success by pulling/weeding as you have already tried. However, it usually takes 2 full seasons of dedicated backbreaking work. Others have had results by cutting the ivy, then spraying with chemicals with a surfactant/penatrant added, and then covering with about 7 inches of mulch. Others have reported success using Glyphosate mixed at a "heavy brush" concentration.