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Asked April 22, 2013, 9:12 PM EDT

My father recently had a stroke and he has 400 acres in Dilley Texas. 200 acres of this land has been cleared and the other 200 acres contains deer blinds and feeders for hunting. How would you go about creating leases for hunting and what would you do to inquire about leasing some of the property out to farmers to run cattle or cut grass for feed.

La Salle County Texas

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Hello, Thank you for your inquiry
I recommend that you review the publication ":The Texas Deer Lease" Technical Report 570 from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center. The link to the pdf document is http://recenter.tamu.edu/pdf/570.pdf Also as the hunting operation, even as a lease is one type of nature tourism business, we have multiple resources including an online tool to help you develop a business plan online at http://naturetourism.tamu.edu
In addition I recommend you check with the local county extension agent and/or Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist for advice on finding comparable lease prices for the resource you have. Hunting and Grazing Leases can have multiple forms ie seasonal, species, based on forage amounts which are rain dependent etc.