weeds in hay field

Asked April 22, 2013, 6:03 PM EDT

I have a small hay field, growing alfalfa, timothy and clover. I have two invasive weeds, one that thick-stemmed broadleaf (I enclosed two photos of this plant) and grows up to 2 feet, crabgrass and the common mustard plant. They are becoming dangerously invasive into the rest of the hay field. I suspect they started from neighbors. How can I control these weeds as there are too many to hack out by hand. Can I use a weed killer and what kind that would not be dangerous once the grass is cut and fed to my horses.

Fremont County Colorado

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I am working on your question. My first thoughts are that I don't know of any herbicide that I could recommend that wouldn't either kill the alfalfa and clover or kill the timothy. I am researching to see if I can find the proper answer to your question. Please contact me directly via email at tommy.covington@colostate.edu It will be easier to communicate via email than through this venue. Thank you.