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Asked April 22, 2013, 2:42 PM EDT

First time farrowing... lost 10 of the 12. So so sad. 1 stil born 2 days later. The two survivors are doing great. 1 month old as of 4-20. Sow is great. Going to wean in 2 weeks. Any vacinations I should consider? Iron shots and wolf teeth done at 4 days.

Wexford County Michigan

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It is difficult to make general recommendations regarding vaccinations without knowing more about the health background of your herd and the sow that farrowed this litter. It is recommended that you contact a local large animal veterinarian to discuss what vaccinations may be best for your situation. There are two conditions that pigs are typically vaccinated for. The first is Circovirus. The vaccines for this virus are either given once or twice (one shot a few weeks a part). The pigs may show signs of a reaction to the vaccine when this is given but recover and then protected from this condition that can cause severe "wasting away" symptions. The second condition is Erysipelas. This vaccine is typically given when pigs are 40-50 lb. For both of these medications, contact a licensed large animal veterinarian to purchase these drugs. In addition, discuss with the veterinarian what other conditions the veterinarian may recommend vaccinations for.