Iron Deficiency

Asked April 21, 2013, 8:30 PM EDT

I have an orchard with about a dozen different kinds of trees; peach, plum, apricot, pluot, apple, pear, etc. In past years one or two trees were chlorotic. This year about half the trees are chlorotic; yellow leaves with green veins. Last fall I applied sulfur; I thought this might head off future problems. I am in Blanco County just North of the Pedernales river. Any advice. I have about 40 trees total.

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This is a common problem in our alkaline soils that we have here in Blanco County. Sulfur will help some, however you will need to apply an iron source to the soil around the drip line of the trees and possibly apply a liquid chelated iron source to the foliage of the trees. For future plantings look for root stocks that are developed for higher ph soils.
Refer to the link below for fact sheets on each type of fruit that you are growing.

Call or stop by our office located in Johnson City if you continue to have problems.

Todd Swift