What is the approxiamte volume of water used to frack a well in...

Asked April 20, 2013, 4:32 PM EDT

What is the approxiamte volume of water used to frack a well in Collingwood/Utica in Michigan?

Barry County Michigan

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According to DEQ information, the water usage per stage has been approximately 448,000 gallons. Each stage represents what would have been a vertical well drilled from the surface. For example, by horizontally drilling and using a 640-acre spacing, they are essentially combining what would have been multiple vertical wells into one well, but it is all contained in the horizontal portion or leg. This significantly reduces surface disturbance.

A recent horizontal well was a 15 stage well (15 wells combined into one) and used a total of 6,720,000 gallons of water. The hydraulic fracturing is a one-time event for the well.
Every well will use a different quantity of water depending on how it is drilled and how long the horizontal leg is. Those that are drilled into a calcium formation bearing oil and gas do not require any fracturing water. Hydraulic fracturing is only used in tight shales such as the Antrim and Collingwood. Wells drilled into the Niagran Reef and the Trenton Black River formations do not require hydraulic fracturing. To compare this to another industrial use, Ice Mountain uses 800,000 gallons of water per day