Old silver maple tree

Asked April 19, 2013, 3:13 PM EDT

My admirable silver maple tree, approx. 85 yrs old, right next to the house, provides our cooling in the summer. A large branch broke off in the wind and landed in the neighbors yard. Scary. I have had it trimmed occasionally. It is peppered with holes carved by flickers, which would weaken certain branches. I am going to hire another trimming but want to know what is NOT advisable. I would like a rather severe trimming, but not to kill the tree. In this case, "life and limb" applies both to the tree and the humans below it.

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I would suggest having an ISA Certified Arborist inspect the tree and conduct a risk assessment to see if the tree is hazardous. If it is a hazard (which it sounds like it might be), it will need to be removed.

You can find a Certified Arborist at the following link: