Stubborn Moss Infestation

Asked April 18, 2013, 12:27 PM EDT

My yard moss gets worse every year. I pay lawn services who *seem to* control it over the growing season. My local farm co-op has me applying garden lime every Spring, as well. Yet come Spring every year the moss has spread. I live 2 blocks form a lake and hate to use chemicals (I have a well, etc.)but find I must. There is another home on my block and the moss has spread to their lot. A new product "Moss Max" by Bonside Products, NY helps to control but is not doing very well at killing it. I have a side lot (empty--no trees) and there is as much moss now there--as grass/weeds/etc. I am going crazy--have spent $thousands$ on yard care which only makes my yard darker green and weed free all yea (masking the moss) with moss returning thicker and more stubborn than ever! Please save my sanity! I have an infestation here.

Cass County Michigan lawns and turf moss in lawn moss removal

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The most effective way to control moss in a lawn setting is to change the environment to one that is more favorable to turfgrass and less favorable to moss. For more information about how to do that effectively, please review this webpage:

For more information about the chemical products that are available for treating moss and their effectiveness, please read this document:

If lime has been added to this area regularly, I recommend that you get a soil test done to make sure that the soil pH is suitable for growing turfgrass. You may order a soil test kit from
Regular additions of lime may raise the pH of the soil so that turfgrass will not grow. If that is the case here, you will need to adjust the pH of the soil before planting any new grass seed. The soil test report will provide recommendations about what needs to be done.