Needle cast

Asked April 17, 2013, 4:46 PM EDT

We have a customer who was told that their trees have needle cast. They need to know what they can do for it or anything else about it they should know.
They put their question in yesterday and still have not heard back.
Hoping we can get a quick reply.

Barry County Michigan

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If the decision is made to use chemical treatment, applications should be made in the spring because Rhizosphaera infects newly emerging spruce needles. Begin treatment when needles are half elongated.Chlorothalonil fungicides such as Bravo or Daconil 2787 and manganese/zinc such as Cleary's Protect T/O are labeled for control of this needlecast. Follow label directions for rate and frequency of application.

Shearing when the foliage is wet may result in spread of the spores on shearing tools. To avoid this possibility, do not shear infected trees when the foliage is wet (such as when dew is on the foliage in the morning). Shear healthy trees first to avoid carrying the spores from a diseased tree to a healthy one. If this is not possible, tools should be sterilized after shearing a diseased planting. Denatured alcohol, available at most paint stores, will kill the spores and also remove pitch from tools. A three- to five-minute dip will do the job.
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I think this person may need to know what 'sheering' is and how to do it.
Is sheering better than a chemical treatment?

No, the chemical treatment would be advised. Sorry for the confusion.

And what is 'sheering' and how is it done?

Sheering is for healthy trees before they become infected. It would be used as pruning Christmas Trees. Again, the chemical method is the way to go and I am sorry for the confusion.