Apricot Tree with no Blossoms - Why?

Asked April 16, 2013, 5:46 PM EDT

Five years ago I purchased 4 dwarf fruit trees from Armstrong Nurseries (Lemon, Orange, Peach and Apricot). I live in Southern California. All my fruit trees do really well in my backyard except for the Apricot tree. My Apricot tree (called Gold Kist) has the best location in my yard. It has full sun throughout the day and the soil soaks in the water real nice. When I first planted my Apricot tree 5 years ago it was a single twig. It produced 4 Apricots that year. The second year it had a few more branches and it produced 2 Apricots. The third year the tree got bigger and I only had a few blossoms but no apricots. The fourth year I only saw two blossoms on the entire tree and again no Apricots. I pruned the Apricot tree real nice preparing for the fifth year. The tree is about 10 feet tall now and very full with many branches. I fertilized the tree very well but I had absolutely no blossoms this year. The tree is very healthy looking with very green healthy leaves. I have been told several reasons why my tree has not produced any blossoms and feel I am getting the run around every time I go to a different Armstrong nursery asking for an explanation. I have been told not enough fertilizer, too much water, etc…... I have watered my tree very little after the rain season so I do not think it would be over watering. I water and fertilize (E.B Stone Organic Fruit Fertilizer) all my fruit trees in my yard the same and all my other trees are producing fruit very nicely. I would appreciate any advice you may have that would help explain why my Apricot tree did not get any blossoms at all this year. Sincerely, David

Orange County California

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Thank you for your Ask an Expert question regarding Apricots. I suggest that you review the information to the University of California Extension web links about Arpicots, see below:

But you need to contact the Orange county Extension office at
Orange County UC Cooperative Extension
1045 Arlington Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: (714) 708-1606
Fax: (714) 708-2754
e-mail: ceorange@ucdavis.edu