I am having 2 huge silver maples removed from my back yard. The job of raking...

Asked April 16, 2013, 8:00 AM EDT

I am having 2 huge silver maples removed from my back yard. The job of raking and shoveling up the "helicopters" every spring and the constant stick dropping is too much for me. I am having a hard time finding a good list of recommended trees for my area as replacements. I want an attractive deciduous tree that does not drop anything. My neighborhood is invested with bacterial leaf scorch on all the pin oaks. I am 65 and don't have another lifetime to wait for the new trees to look good. A specimen tree or ornamental is fine,too, as long as it's clean. Any suggestions?

Harford County Maryland clean trees tree recommendations

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Of course, all deciduous tree drop leaves, but in addition all trees produce flowers and seeds. Generally, the faster a tree grows, the weaker the wood will be and the more sticks and twigs it will drop. There are few trees that fall will meet your criteria closely.

So, attempting to avoid trees that drop large seed balls, fruit or flowers, and also grow at least moderately fast, you might be happy with a ginko (male, not female), honey locust, or zelkova.

If you have a specific idea, we'd be glad to tell you whether it meets your criteria or not. Your best approach would be to go to a knowledgeable nursery near you and speak with them, because we may make recommendations for plants that are hard to find in a nursery.