How to make my tifway 419 lawn more dense?

Asked April 12, 2013, 9:43 PM EDT

My lawn just does not seem dense enough. Can I overseed and with what seed do you recommend. My local Home Depot carries common blends that include Endeavor, Gazelle, Dynamic, Thermal Blue. What do you suggest? Full sun, drought conditions, average size residencial lawn.

Bexar County Texas lawns and turf bermudagrass

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To keep a dense Bermuda lawn, we assume it receives full sun?

That it's fertilized at least three times a year?
Mid-April with 5 to 7 pounds of 19-5-9 slow-release nitrogen per 1000 square feet.
June 1 with 10 pounds of Hi-Yield Iron/plus per 1000 square feet.
Mid-October with 5 pounds of 18-6-12 per 1000 square feet.

It receives an inch of supplement irrigation weekly throughout the growing season.
An inch of supplemental irrigation every third week from Mid-September through March 1.
We do an irrigation system audit at least twice a year?

Top-dressing with a half an inch of high grade finely screened compost and core aerating is crucial for compact drought stressed soils, once every two to three years?

Mow every five days throughout the growing season with a well maintaned mower with sharp blades. We never catch the clippings and only remove no more than 1/3 of the existing canopy at any given time.

If all this is done well, re-seeding may not be needed going into the "Spring Green-up".

If re-seeding is needed, sow one pound of 'Blackjack' Bermuda or 'Numex Sahara' per 400 square feet. This should be done on May 1. You need to be dedicated to water for germination and establishment though August as well as have a good seed to soil contact. In established lawns that have bare spots, it's probably best to spot plant plugs or pieces over seeding.

But again,we follow the steps above.

Good luck!