Russian Olive Removal

Asked April 12, 2013, 2:01 PM EDT

We have a mature (10" + diameter) Russian Olive on our property. The tree is singular, not aggressively spreading, but is located at the tail end of a septic leach field and within 150' of South Boulder Creek in Eldorado Springs.

Boulder Cnty strongly advises the removal of this species due to its invasive nature and water requirements. However, the tree is also stately and distinctive.

Does a mature, isolated Russian Olive still represent a threat to native habitat and consume excess groundwater? Or at some point, does an established tree use no less than a replacement species (perhaps, Maple/Locust/Willow.)

We'll be glad to remove if this species just doesn't fit with the climate norms and xeriscaped landscape, but would prefer to leave in place if not a significant issue.

Thanks, Evan

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1 Response

I will send you several sites that you can read in regards to your decision to keep your Russian Olive. Hopefully, you will be able to make your decision based on this information. This first site will state that this tree can tolerate drought conditions. The second site has several papers with information. this describes noxious weeds, trees. I hope this helps.