lawn problem

Asked April 12, 2013, 1:59 PM EDT

Last year I began seeing small, conical or vertical holes in my lawn. They were accompanied by small dirt piles next to them. They have already begun to appear this spring. I have note observed any animals or insects that might be causing the problem. My law has become extremely rough and irregular and difficult to walk on. Can you give me an idea about the problem and a solution?

Salt Lake County Utah

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It's possible that the holes are being caused by earthworms as they feed on the soil.

However, if the holes are larger, they may be the result of a secondary pest such as skunks, birds or raccoons feeding on insects in the lawn. You might consider sending a lawn/soil sample into the Utah State University Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab ( to rule that possibility out.

On the positive side, if the issue is being caused by earthworms it is an indication that you have a very healthy soil/plant system.

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