Record cold in spring

Asked April 11, 2013, 2:14 PM EDT

How is the recent record cold we had this week going to effect perenials and the shrubs that were just starting to leaf out? My bleeding heart is a pile of mush from the snow/cold, and the budding leaves on my bushs are brown.

Arapahoe County Colorado

2 Responses

Early spring perennials like bleeding hearts may not bloom properly until next year, but the plants themselves will be fine. Cut the damaged foliage back and new foliage will grow as the weather gets warmer. Later perennials such as hosta, daylilies, etc. will be fine.

The budding leaves on shrubs that were killed by this late freeze will also recover. There will be new leaves sent out as the weather warms up. If the shrubs are spring flowering shrubs, the late freeze may have damaged the flower buds preventing blooming this spring.

For these plants that suffered badly from this cold snap, provide a little extra care to them this year. Stressed plants are more susceptible to insects and disease, so make sure they do not get further stressed from heat or drought conditions through proper watering and fertilization and keeping any dead pruned out.

Thanks! If it's not hail in the Colorado Springtime, it's goofy weather!