Controlling willow re-growth after land clearing

Asked April 11, 2013, 12:35 PM EDT

We recently cleared 6 acres east of Palisade and plan to plant peaches next spring. The land had laid fallow for over 25 years and had overgrown with willows and other weeds and trees. We do not want the willows to regrow and need advice as to proper pre-emergent or herbicide to use to keep the land clear. If we deep ripped now would it control willow re-growth or would it be better to spray now and deep rip and level next spring. If spraying is the answer, who would you recommend for the job?

Chris Young

Mesa County Colorado

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Hi Chris,

Would you be doing any of the work yourself or would you be hiring someone?

Here is a link to proven methods of herbicide control for woody plants. There are many different methods and time of application that could be used.

Willows are very strong resprouters. You may have to do a combination of mowing and/or herbicide to keep the trees down. I would use ripping as a last resort, but it would depend on the scale of your tree problem and your budget. Willows are most vulnerable during June, July, and August to herbicides, cutting, and defoliation. So you would want to keep that in mind.

We cannot recommend any vendors or service providers. You would have to check the businesses in your area or region.

Please feel free to contact me directly, if you have more questions.