Keeping Cats out of My Yard

Asked April 9, 2013, 5:09 PM EDT

How can I keep cats (not mine—they're indoor only) out of my yard? Other people's cats use every freshly dug area as a cat box. Is there an inexpensive way to make my yard less attractive to them?

Marion County Oregon

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This question is really outside the expertise of most Extension professionals. A vet should be consulted since this deals with animals.

From dealing with cats, here are some non-researched-based answers. (I did an internet search, which is dangerous, but here are some ideas.)

  • Plant catnip and distract them.
  • Intense smells, such as citrus, lemon, and different herbal oils, can be a deterrent.
  • Plant lavender plants.
  • Disperse coffee grounds. (I have no idea whether this works, but grounds have a strong smell and unnatural texture.)
  • Use the herb rue, but be careful of the oils.
  • Deer can be deterred with a motion-activated sprinkler.