Growing berries

Asked April 8, 2013, 4:19 PM EDT

We have a 10 foot row of rasberries that appear to be doing well. We would like to plant a row of some sort of sweet black berry. Question 1: Can different varities of berries be grown close together? Question 2: What kind of black berry would be sweet to eat as well as using in pies? We live is South Salem, OR. Thank you June Galvin

Marion County Oregon

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Hello, and thank you for asking about growing blackberries. You'll want to leave about 10 feet between rows of berries. Oregon State University has publications dealing with how to grow blackberries and which varieties are recommended for our climate. Taste-testing is a nice way to choose a berry, but the written descriptions help also.
See: Blackberry Cultivars for Oregon, ec 1617-E,
and Growing Blackberries in your Home Garden, ec 1303,