Asked April 8, 2013, 3:22 PM EDT

I have somehting eating my flowers and shrubs. It eats the stems, leaves and anything else it can find. It's quick, black and has a bushy tail. It eats all vegetation. Any ideas on what I could plant around items so they don't get eaten?

Tulsa County Oklahoma

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I'm afraid I need a little more info to be able to ID the animal. If I knew size, shape,does it climb trees, etc. Was the damage done at night or during the daytime? If you were located in centra/west Texas I wold have guessed Rock Squirrel, but since your further North, could it be a Melanistic (Black) Phase of a Fox Squirrel? You mentioned the black with bushy tail.

Bottomline: Short of trapping to remove the animal from the area, there aren't really any plants that serve as deterents to keep critters away. There are a number of frightening devices, some working off motion sensors even, that may work. There are also a number of taste aversion products available at many garden supply stores that can be tried. I have had limited success with these, but I know those that claim they work in small garden areas. You would need to follow directions on the label. For more concise answer specific to your critter, you may want to call the Oklahoma office of Wildlife Services at 1-866-4USDAWS or 405-521-4039. Then you can provide more information, such as answers to the questions I posed earlier.