Drought-tolerant seeding pasture for goats

Asked April 8, 2013, 1:08 PM EDT

Since we who have small acreage in the South Valley will only be able to water every three weeks, and maybe not past June, what should I seed my pasture with for goats?

Bernalillo County New Mexico

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Dear Producer,
Your question is very regional specific and I refer you to Mark Marsalis, a Cooperative Extension Forage Specialist at Clovis, NM, who has expertise in limited irrigation of forages. He can be contacted at marsalis@nmsu.com or by phone 575-985-2292 Ext 123. He should have the expertise on growing forages with limited irrigation. He can contact me (shart@langston.edu) if he does not know much about forages with goats and we can work with solving your problem.
Steve Hart

Thank you very much! How about a good reference for browse and pasture for goats in general?

I do not know of any browse or pasture book for goats. One book that touches on the subject would be Targeted Grazing by American Sheep Industry which is oriented toward vegetation management and landscape enhancement. It can be downloaded from American Sheep Industry web site. It is nearly 200 pages long and while most of it concerns sheep, some concerns goats. You might also ask your forage specialist about a book that is appropriate for New Mexico grazing conditions. Little has been written for goats since most areowned by hobbiest and the remaining ones graze a diversity of pastures under different conditions, making such a book difficult to write. You might discuss such with Dr. An Peischel, Goat extension specialist at Tennessee State University apeischel@tnstate.edu.