How to transplant blueberry bushes?

Asked April 7, 2013, 4:47 PM EDT

Hi, Just just watched the wonderful webinar By Joel Reich on how to grow blueberries in Colorado. I have 5 plants in the graound that have not been successful, so I would like to like to put them in barrels...any size barrel recommendation? Also, using the peat moss, should I keep the peat moss plastic in the barrel like you did in the trenches, or since they will be in a barrel should I remove the plastic? thank you sooo much..I will try 1 more year before I throw in the towel with my blueberry patch! Tx, Linda

Jefferson County Colorado

3 Responses

Dear Linda,

The purpose of leaving the plastic intact is to prevent the earthworms form consuming all of the peatmoss and mixing native soil into the hole thereby increaseing soil pH and making the blueberry plants very unhappy. If you are giong to use containers the plastic is not needed. If I were attempting blueberries I would use half barrels at a minimum.

Hi Curtis! Thank you soooo much for your response! I hope to be able to have success this year! Linda