Taking same Pain Meds for Approx 10 Years, St.of Ct. Guy, Told me to drop Ins.

Asked April 7, 2013, 2:30 PM EDT

Hi There, #1,i Had to drop ins,as,i ran out of Money,, and St,fellow Knew this, So,,I Have 4 scripts,at Durham Pharmacy, But He,Never came tru,with His Promise, My wife,also came down,with Prosate Cancer, Which he Knew,, I called Him,4-6 times Last week,Because, were also down to 1 car,, Pain Management,Mailed them,to Durham Pharmacy,, Its day 3,,,And,I dont know what to do,,??? My Wife,is Leaving,to go to her Parents for a couple of days,,Web MD,and the rest of the Net,says,, NEVER Stop cold turkey,,I didnt Know, the St,of Ct. Man, didnt come thru,untill 5:45 on fri.. And being the wekend,, Im Lost,as I Have No Family,,and Been haaving serious Comp. Virus's Latly..
Thanks, Jack Connors ,,Dont know,if This is even In Your scope, But thank You Anyways,,Jack,

New Haven County Connecticut

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I am sorry, but this is not within the scope of eXtension. Please refer to your physician or pharmacist for advise.