Onions and Beans

Asked April 6, 2013, 4:06 PM EDT

Hi. We have planted onions (sets) in the middle of a large raised bed. Is it ok to plant bush beans in the same raised bed?


Boulder County Colorado

2 Responses

You've probably read or heard some gardening adages and anecdotal warnings "don't plant beans near onions".
There is some evidence that wild garlic (a relative of onions) exudes allelopathic compounds into the soil that can inhibit growth of some other plants....maybe that's where the anecdotal warnings originated. Or, who knows? Maybe someone planted a new veg garden with onions and beans but forgot to use legume inoculant on the beans. As a result beans fared poorly and blame was assigned to onions' proximity.....

Many gardeners that ignored the adage or were unaware of the adage have planted beans near onions with no resulting negative effects.

Suggest you go ahead with bush beans in the same raised bed; inoculate seed with legume inoculant (available at garden centers) before planting bush bean seeds.

Many thanks! I haven't used a legume inoculate in the past but I'll try it this year! I hope this cold snap doesn't kill the sugar snap peas, potatoes and spinach I already have in the ground!