Asked April 6, 2013, 9:47 AM EDT

We market out of state. Why is there no accessible list of USDA meat processing plants with cryo freeze packaging accessible to small ranchers. I can more easily haul my stock out of state. I need a list oF processors open to spall ranchers, USDA approved, which is required by my customers. Is this data that you don't have? You should be able to pull it out of the giant list you keep sending me with all the state and USDA plants mixed together. That list mentions that they are mixed. It is several pages long, sorted my plant name. I need a list of USDA plants sorted at least by county. Such a list exists for the state facilities.

Guadalupe County Texas

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I assume you're talking about this list with all the Texas plants:

We got this data from Texas Dept. of State Health Services' Meat Safety Assurance Unit. To get the data sorted another way, or in a different format, you will need to contact them directly:

Hope this helps.

That is better ttaHan nothing, however, this is a frequently asked question around the country. Is there no list anywhere of USDA meat processing plants organized by state. There must be.

Jan Dawson

Hello again,

USDA publishes a list of all USDA plants, but it's either organized by establishment number, or name, and not that easily searchable.

We, NMPAN, have the only index of state lists that I am aware of, and some states are much better about making their lists than others. Because this is a common question, we created the list index.

You can encourage your state department of health services to make a better, more usable list - it is their list to make. We just collect the lists.


Better answer: each region of USDA has an office. There are agents there for each part of their region. They know where the plants are in their region. For example, in the region the includes Texas as well as other states, the agents are all in Dallas.