lawn area sinking

Asked April 4, 2013, 4:01 PM EDT

Over the last 4 years of living on this property we have watched our lawn "sink" in several places. They were initially just a slight "dip" in the grass, this spring the "dip" has increased in depth to about 4 - 6 inchs. How can we determine the cause?

Marion County Oregon

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Hello and thanks for your question. Since you have only been at this property for 4 years, you most likely don't know the long term history. You might try asking your neighbors if they know anything about your lawn area. There are two possibilities that come to mind. One is that there is burried wood such as a tree trunk or stump. Any mass of organic matter could cause this to happen. As it breaks down, the area will sink. Another is that someone filled in a holee with loose soil that would settle over time. I don't know of any way to check, but you might just provide a little more soil loosely over the area several times a year. If this is not too deep, the grass will grow through and you can gradually raise the level. I hope this helps. Please ask for more if you find out anything from your neighbors. Good luck. Linda