hard fruit production in Central Texas

Asked April 4, 2013, 11:31 AM EDT

I am located in North Austin and have deep clay soil. I want to have a few hard fruit trees but am limited as I "farm" a suburban lot. Has anyone had any luck raising apple, pear and fig on cordons or espallier? I have an east and a west facing fence w/ about 50 lineal feet each and hoped to utilize for fruit.

Travis County Texas fruit trees

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Apples, pears and figs would all be fine espaliered. However, apples do not do that well here, due to our high night-time summer temperatures.

Pears do okay, and figs do very well. You'll just need to protect your figs from the birds when they get ripe.

Here is a link to our fruit tree page, which has more information on fruit trees for our area. Best of luck.