Moving existing perennials to new locations

Asked April 4, 2013, 11:18 AM EDT

We need to move a few established perennials to new locations due to yard/garden improvements. Spring fever has me in the mood to do this now. So my question is how early can I transplant these items?

The plants current conditions...
1. Honeysuckle Vine: starting to green up and I see buds for new leaves.
2. Iris Bed: spikey leaves are about 6" high.
3. Rhubarb: just starting to show "red boils" at ground surface.
4. Russian Sage: was cut to ground in March.

Looking forward to learn your transplanting recommendations!

Best regards,
Kelly Berlin
Ken Caryl (plains side) resident

Jefferson County Colorado

1 Response

The best time to transplant iris is about 6 weeks after they have bloomed, usually mid July through August. If you absolutely have to do it now, you will sacrifice this year's blooms.
You can transplant the rhubarb now. Don't harvest stems for two years after you transplant, however, to strengthen the plant.
You can transplant the Russian sage and honeysuckle now as well.