Planting Sod in Spring

Asked April 3, 2013, 11:29 PM EDT

When is the best time to plant sod in the Spring? Is there a specific type that would do best?


Denver County Colorado

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April - early June is a good time to plant sod. With the watering restrictions now in place for 2013, suggest you lean toward earlier in that time frame - April to mid-May.

Kentucky bluegrass is the grass most widely-sold as sod. Local sod farms produce high-quality KY bluegrass sod. Most sod farms use a seed blend of several different KY bluegrass varieties.
Other lawn grasses locally sold as sod include
-turf-type buffalograss (expensive but drought-tolerant after it is established, not tolerant of shade or high levels of foot traffic)
-turf-type tall fescue (a bunchgrass usually grown in a mix with KY bluegrass to hold it together as a sod, or grown on netting so that it can be harvested as sod)
-otherlawn grass choices are bunchgrasses that must be seeded heavily to have the density of a lawn

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