Stripped blueberries

Asked April 3, 2013, 4:26 PM EDT

What is wrong with my blueberries. Are they good to eat? Will cuttings off the bush also have this fruit.

Van Buren County Michigan

1 Response

The stripping is due to a mutation in the growing point in the blueberry stem. The blueberries are fine to eat just a curiosity to look at. The mutation is unstable in that it does not occur in all the cells of the growing tip and this leads to the various stripping patterns seen on the berries. This type of variable mutation is called a chimera because it comes and goes. New tissues that form from the mutated growing point may still retain the mutation or it may go away. New plants made from cuttings from this plant may or may not show this pattern on the fruit. Cuttings from the affected shoots may have it but cutting from other no affected shoots will not.