Watering newly planted potatoes

Asked April 2, 2013, 1:43 PM EDT

I have planted seed potatoes for the first time. The book did not mention watering them after covering with a few inches of soil. Do I water them now?
Planted one row of red skinned potatoes and one row of youkon golds.

Thanks in advance

Logan County Colorado

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water them in then water again once the tubers emerge Watering your potatoes on a regular schedule is vital to uniform growth. Potatoes need about 1” - 2” of water per week. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not too wet, from the time of emergence until the end of the season. Try not to let the soil completely dry out
as this will cause sudden re-growth when watered, giving your tubers ears and noses, splits, or hollow heart. Each time you water, let it soak down 8” to 12”. A few thorough waterings, along with your efforts at hilling or mulching will be an adequate program to conserve soil moisture. Come up with a schedule, every three days or so, to check the soil moisture
down at the roots.
Stop or slow down watering at the end of the growing sea-
son when plants turn yellow and begin dying. But make sure
the soil does not completely dry out. You want some soil mois-
ture but not as much as you had while the vines were drinking it
up. Harvesting in drier soil is easier and potatoes are better
cured and ready for storage. And keep in mind as your stems grow, add to your mound of soil at the base-if your potatoes are exposed to sunlight while growing, they'll turn green and slightly toxic.

Thanks Brian - I will print this off and post it ..