rescuing blueberries

Asked April 1, 2013, 11:47 PM EDT

we have 4 mature blueberries bushes between our house and our neighbor's. They didn't produce much last year for what i suspect was lack of water and nutrients. The ground that surrounds them is covered in weeds and grass, and when we tried to water them i don't think it was ever absorbed. Our thought was to dig them out, double dig the ground and amend with compost, possibly build a raised bed for them, and replant. What should we do? Thanks, Jae

Multnomah County Oregon blueberries horticulture

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First the weed competition is a big problem for blueberries because their roots are shallow. The soil needs to be acidic 4.5-5.5 a Ph test is a good idea try your local extension office to get the testing done. Feeding the soil is how you feed the plants and good soil needs organic material like compost, peat moss, sawdust, etc.
Removing mature plants is not recommended.
fertilize with ammonium sulfate or acidic organic equivalent.
Good pruning effects two years production the next one and the following year as well

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