Thin Grass

Asked April 1, 2013, 2:56 PM EDT

I have some kind of grass invading my lawn. It has very thin blades, it is not thick. Then in the summer it drys out and turns brown. Then when the weather cools it comes baCK green again. What can I do to get rid of it.

Salt Lake County Utah

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The first step to finding an effective control method for this grass is to positively identify it. I would recommend taking a sample of the grass to your local USU County Extension office (2001 South State Street, Suite S-1200, (385) 468-4820) to get help identifying it. Based on your description, it may be annual bluegrass, but again, a positive identification is necessary. A resource for weed identification may also be accessed here:

Once you have identified the weed, you should consider a combination of control strategies including proper management of the desired grass, mechanical control of the weedy grass, and the use of appropriate herbicides should they be required. For annual bluegrass, a pre-emergent herbicide is recommended. Consult your Salt Lake County Extension office for a list of appropriate herbicides.

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